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Aftercare Instructions


First and foremost, unless they are a licensed, professional tattoo artist, do not follow anyone else's care advice! What is laid out below is a thorough, tried, and proven process for the best healing results.

An hour after your session, thoroughly wash your hands and remove the covering. Gently wash the tattoo with an antibacterial soap, such as Dial, to break up any plasma and let it air dry or gently pat dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. Apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare product, such as Recovery Tattoo Salve, being careful not to over-saturate the area.

Apply the ointment every several hours or when the area is dry/itchy for the next two weeks. A fragrance-free lotion can be used instead after the first two weeks.

Refrain from picking at or scratching the tattoo.

Consult a physician if signs and symptoms of infection, such as fever, swelling, redness, or drainage occur.

Until the area has fully healed: 

-No swimming

-No tanning or prolonged sun exposure

-No scented lotions

-No extremely hot water

-No salt water

After the healing process:

-Use, at least, an SPF 20 during sun exposure to minimize fading. 

We carry Recovery Tattoo Salve!
We carry Recovery Tattoo Salve!