Mark your calendars for our September Friday the 13th Flash Event!

"Inkslinger Erick"


Erick has been tattooing since 2006.  He is an award-winning artist, yet a lifelong student; always searching for new techniques to add to his toolbox.  While he has a penchant for black-and-grey work, Erick also enjoys producing color tattoos, and loves the challenge of a cover-up!

Cleanliness and sterilization are of the utmost importance to him, as well as adhering to the guidelines set forth by the health department.

Sponsors include I.E.D. Apparel, Peak Needles, Hard Life Rotaries, and Recovery Aftercare.

Unique, custom work is Erick's preference. Flash pieces are reserved for certain occasions, such as Friday the 13th.  You will never see your exact tattoo on another of his clients!

Erick is an artist that keeps his clients wants and needs in mind. Whether getting a first tattoo, covering an old mistake, or fading the reminder of a scar, he will do everything possible to insure the client is happy with the finished product.


Inkslinger Erick


"Smiley" Sauceda


Marissa "Smiley" Sauceda is a newcomer to both the tattoo industry and Louisville.  With only a year's worth of experience, she's already a sponsored artist - thanks to I.E.D. Apparel - and she's coming out of the gate strong!  Crisp lettering, clean line work, and color saturation are no problem. Plus, her bubbly personality puts clients at ease! 


Marissa "Smiley" Sauceda

Marissa "Smiley" Sauceda


-Brand Ambassador-

Bio coming soon! 



Kemper James


Kemper has over 20 years of experience in the field of video, including television and film production all across the country.

He has a knack for tapping into his client's vision and nailing the mindset and feel of the video, making him a valuable asset to our team!

Kemper James Videographer/Editor